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School function security

School function is an important part of any school’s activities where teachers and students participate. Students come along with their parents and relatives to the function. During a school function you can expect a mass gathering to happen within the school or in the chosen venue. As an administrator and the organizer of the school function, you have to ensure that your students, parents as well as the employees are protected from any and all types of harm. Mass shootings in schools have become almost a regular occurrence nowadays. Many people lose their loved ones because the schools didn’t have proper security. Do not make the same mistake by ignoring the wellbeing of the people coming to the function. Hire a security guard company right now to make sure that the school function is safe and secure.

Why school function security is important?

At Alliant Global Security Services, we know that no two schools are alike. That's why we work closely with you to understand your private school's specific challenges and requirements. Whether you run a small Montessori school or a prestigious boarding academy, we design customized security solutions to suit your campus, culture, and budget.

  • The security guards will provide security consultations along with security protection. You’ll get to know the security risks through the security consultants.
  • They will make sure that everyone is following the rules of the school. The guards will help in queuing, crowd controlling, arranging the seats etc.
  • The parents will find it comforting that the school administration has not taken up the responsibility of safety and security in a lackluster manner. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for marketing. Having proper security at your school will increase the number of admissions in your school exponentially.
  • The security guards will stop miscreants, criminals from entering into the school. They will secure the school during the function so that trespassers cannot enter through windows or any other entry points.
  • The guards will make sure that everything is in order safety-wise. They will check to see that fire extinguishing equipments are in place and functioning in case of emergencies. Also, they are skilled in first aid service which can come in handy if someone gets hurt.
  • The security guards will monitor the activity of every person so that crimes like petty theft, sexual harassment do not occur during the function. Your objective is to make sure that everyone enjoys the function. You can achieve this by hiring a professional security guard company near you.

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